How many types of circuit breakers?

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1. According to the operation mode, there are electric operation, energy storage operation and manual operation.

2. According to the structure: there are universal type and plastic shell type.

3. According to the type of use: selective type and ordinary type.

4. According to the arc extinguishing medium: oil immersed type, vacuum type and air type.

5. According to movement speed: there are quick type and common type.

6. According to the number of poles: single pole, two pole, three pole and four pole.

7. According to the way of installation: there are plug-in type, fixed type and drawer type, etc.

8. High voltage circuit breaker is the main power control equipment in power plants and substations, which has arc extinguishing characteristics. When the system is in normal operation, it can cut off and connect the no-load and load current of lines and various electrical equipment

When the system breaks down, it can cut off the fault current quickly with the cooperation of relay protection, so as to prevent the expansion of accident range. Therefore, the working quality of high-voltage circuit breakers directly affects the safe operation of the power system; there are many kinds of high-voltage circuit breakers, which can be divided into oil circuit breakers, sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, compressed air circuit breakers, etc. according to their different arc extinction.

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