What to do if the the electricity cannot be delivered into the prepaid meter

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    The new electricity purchased by the user cannot be delivered to the meter, which may be

    The meter number does not match.

    The meter number in the power purchase card does not match the meter number in the meter. You can use "check card" to check the meter number displayed on the meter. Most of them are not delivered when users purchase electricity for the next time.

    Cause 1. For the first use, the user shall be instructed to insert and insert the electric card in the right direction.

    The reason 2 is that the wrong number of the meter factory was copied when the meter was installed on site, or the meter was not configured correctly when the account was opened (the wrong number of the meter factory was selected), resulting in the incorrect number of the meter when the account was opened.

    Processing method: in the management system for users to change table processing. (i.e. only adjust the meter number in the data)

    Cause 3. When there are multiple meters in the meter box, the user has inserted the wrong meter.

    Processing method: change the user's information, change the account name and address of two wrong users.

    The number of times of power purchase is inconsistent.

    The number of power purchases in the power purchase card does not match the number of power purchases required by the meter.

    There is a power purchase counter inside the card meter, and the power purchase card has a power purchase number, only when the number of power purchases in the card is equal to the number of power purchases in the meter,

    The meter will read in the purchase data in the purchase card (the so-called input power). If there is less than one plug-in in the process of power purchase, the power in the power purchase card shall not be sent to the meter in the future.

    Solution: make up the previous card for the user.

    The power purchase card has been damaged.

    After reading the power card into the system to check the data, write whether the power purchase card can be written normally. If there is an error, the power card is damaged, and a new power card shall be issued.

    The meter has been damaged.

    If the meter can reflect the "check card", the meter works normally. Otherwise, replace the bad meter.

    The specific situation of the site is diverse. The administrator must deal with the situation in a timely and decisive manner on the basis of a deep understanding of the working principle of the electric card meter.

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