Single phase watt hour meter installed with current transformer how not to turn

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    5A ammeter is 1.5-6a, 3 connected to power supply and 4 connected to neutral. The master meter is installed by the power company. The sub meter wiring is 1 in 3 out 2 in 4. Did I get it wrong? The transformation ratio is 1000 × 47, and the ammeter is 10-40a. What's the reason why the total meter turns to the sub meter. The transformation ratio of the sub meter transformer is the sub meter installed according to the circuit diagram of the general meter for zero connection of 400 & ා 47.5.

    In addition, the wiring of the master meter is 1 in 2 out; the sub meter meter of 5 is 10-40a too large, the measurement is not accurate (slow), and 5A watt hour meter is used.

    Transformer, also known as instrument transformer, is a general designation of current transformer and voltage transformer. It can change high voltage into low voltage and large current into small current for measurement or protection system. Its main function is to transform high voltage or high current into standard low voltage (100V) or standard low current (5a or 1a, both refer to rated value) in proportion, so as to realize the standardization and miniaturization of measuring instruments, protection equipment and automatic control equipment. At the same time, the transformer can also be used to separate the high-voltage system to ensure the safety of people and equipment.

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