What is the button of the leakage circuit breaker on the meter box and small power distribution unit used for?

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The leakage circuit breaker button on the meter box and small power distribution unit is usually used to test and reset the leakage protector. A leakage protector is an electrical device used to monitor whether current is flowing back in a normal circuit. If current leakage is detected to a place where it should not flow, such as the human body or equipment housing, the leakage protector will quickly cut off the circuit to prevent electric shock or fire.


When the leakage protector is triggered, the button usually pops up, indicating that the circuit has been cut off. Pressing the residual current circuit breaker button resets the protector so that it can be put back into service. Before pressing the button, the problem that caused the leakage protector to trigger needs to be resolved to ensure the safe operation of the circuit.


Please note that if you are not familiar with electrical equipment or electrical work, it is best to have it serviced and handled by a professional electrician to ensure the safety and correctness of the operation.

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