The focus is on prevention of fires caused by aging small power distribution units

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The key to preventing fires caused by aging small power distribution units lies in regular inspection and maintenance. First of all, regularly ask a professional electrician to check whether the connection lines, circuit breakers and fuses of the small power distribution unit are normal to ensure that they are not worn or aged. Secondly, pay attention to replacing aging wires and sockets in time to prevent fire risks caused by aging wires. Regularly clean the debris around the small power distribution unit to ensure good ventilation to prevent overheating. Install smoke alarms and check their working status regularly to detect potential fire hazards in advance. Avoid stacking flammable items near the small power distribution unit and keep a safe distance. Educate family members on the safety knowledge of electrical appliances and prohibit unauthorized wiring of electrical wires. When you find an abnormality or a burning smell in the small power distribution unit, you should immediately turn off the power and contact a professional electrician for repair. Through these preventive measures, the risk of fire caused by the aging of the small power distribution unit can be effectively reduced.

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