What are the main types of meter boxes?

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Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of meter boxes. What kind of meter box do you have? How to choose a suitable meter box?

The electric meter box mainly has the general electric Distribution Box, the glass fiber reinforced plastic electricity meter box, the open electricity meter box, the card type electricity meter box, the prepaid electricity meter box and so on.

The daily general electric meter box can play the role of voltage maintenance in the family; the FRP box is in the dominant position at present, it has good insulation function, strong combustion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other advantages. In case of fire, this kind of information can well obstruct the occurrence of the fire. The service life of this voltage box is very long. Now, many companies and enterprises have begun to use it; card type meter box is more convenient to use, its work is controlled by people plug-in card, the insulation effect of the meter box is better, it has corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof and other functions, this kind of meter box is mainly suitable for Campus, students can use the card to charge and then charge The electricity card is inserted into the electricity meter box to charge the electricity charge, so as to strengthen the management of students' electricity consumption on campus; Tongming electric meter box is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and imported flame retardant ABS engineering plastics, which has the advantages of aging resistance, small volume, light weight, anti stealing electricity, anti ultraviolet line, etc., and its primary feature is that it has the characteristics of being transparent, which can make people more convenient To observe the use of electricity and some circuit problems, the setting of this meter box can greatly reduce the occurrence of fire, it is not only more convenient than other styles of meter boxes, but also more secure than other meter boxes.

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