How to choose household metal meter box?

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Household metal meter box is widely used in the daily life of the residents. It is indispensable for every household. It can be sorted out (sorted and organized) to be the end protector of household electricity. The three-phase five wire end is connected to the outgoing side of single-phase ammeter, and the outgoing end is connected with electrical products. This is very important to protect the safe use of electricity for residential customers. It has a very high level of safety and water-proof, which can show the on-off situation of power supply circuit vividly. However, the domestic metal meter box has the difference of standard scale or quality. The problem is, what kind of metal meter box is more suitable for daily kitchen waste, clothing, food, housing and transportation interior decoration? The following is a brief introduction of the metal meter box

1、 Suppose you choose a metal meter box

(1) It is necessary for the installation base of air circuit breaker to be neat without blocking and with sufficient indoor space; the door frame of metal meter box is necessary to inspect the fully transparent window.

(2) At present, many metal meter cases on the market are mainly composed of metal case and plastic shell (structure: resin material, flame retardant, thickener, dye) shell. There are two categories of concealed type and concealed type in structure. Therefore, when selecting and purchasing, it is necessary to base on the actual situation. No matter what kind of metal meter case is selected, its shell must be complete It's not damaged.

(3) It is necessary to set up box line and ground connection with protective effect at the junction of wiring inside the case of household metal meter box, and make sure that the overall and some parts are intact. The most important point is to have a good insulation layer. Customers can use an electric pen to measure before use to see if they have a very good insulation layer Security is a bit, and it must be ensured.

2、 It is more appropriate to buy more than a few inches of household metal meter case

(1) The actual total number of household appliances. For example, do you want to use a radiator in winter, a domestic water heater (electric power: electromagnetic energy), liquefied gas (direct heat or residual water for electricity), refrigerator, and how many central air conditioners are there in your home? The heaters are 1000W to 4000W, the electric direct thermoelectric water heater is 3000W to 9000W, and the central air conditioner is about 735w in most cases Calculate how much electricity is used in a good home, and then increase it by 20% to 25%.

(2)The actual total area of the household and the total number of electrical products. The vast majority of small houses use 12 bit power switch, and medium and large house use 24 bit power switch. Generally speaking, there is one main air switch, N in each room, one central air conditioner, one domestic water heater (electric power: electromagnetic energy), one light control system, one electromagnetic cooker with electricity, one refrigerator. If you go out for a long time, you should turn off the main switch. The refrigerator can still operate alone without any damage.

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