What are the common components in the meter box and ready board?

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Meter box and ready board is a device used to install electrical measuring instruments and usually contains the following common components:


Energy meter (electricity meter): An instrument used to measure electrical energy consumption, recording current and voltage to calculate electrical power and charge.


Current Transformer (CT, Current Transformer): Used to convert high current into measurable low current for use in power meter measurements.


Voltage Transformer (VT, Voltage Transformer): Used to convert high voltage into measurable low voltage for measurement by power supply meters.


Circuit Breaker: Used to disconnect or connect circuits and protect them from overload or short circuit damage.


Overcurrent Protection Device: Used to monitor current. When the current exceeds the set value, the circuit is disconnected to prevent equipment damage.


Power switch (Main Switch): Used to control the power supply or power off of the entire power supply.


Wires and Connectors: Wires and connectors used to connect meters, transformers, and other components.


Relay: Used to trigger other devices or systems when needed, such as alarms or power outages.


Grounding System: Used to ensure the safe grounding of electrical boxes and related equipment.


These components work together to ensure accurate measurement and safe distribution of electrical energy. The specific design and components of the meter box and ready board may vary depending on the application scenario and regional standards.

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