Usage of multimedia electric box.

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Multimedia electrical box is a centralized box with weak voltage circuit, which is generally used in modern home decoration, such as network cable, telephone cable, USB cable, VGA of TV, antenna, etc. If these things are not put in order, they are just a large group of lines, which are very messy and disharmonious, and will affect the cleaning. The multimedia electrical box is used for these equipment and wire management.

Advantages of multimedia electrical box:

1. It can be used for unified wiring management of weak current signal line in the family, which is beneficial to the overall beauty of the family;

2. The strong and weak current are separated, the eddy current induction produced by the strong current wire will not affect the weak current signal, and the weak current part is more stable;

3. It is more convenient for independent management of weak current wiring. For the real estate manufacturers, it is beneficial to increase the selling point of the house for the convenience of the households and the real estate sales with little cost.

Multimedia electrical box is widely used in intelligent home, intelligent building, intelligent electrical, weak current engineering, system integration, intelligent community, building automation, building electrical, integrated wiring, home wiring, network wiring, home LAN and other engineering projects.

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