The importance of being familiar with the structure of electrical box for electrical design

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In electrical design and electrical complete set, the selection of structure and model of electrical box is essential. At present, the cabinet types used in low-voltage and medium-voltage systems can be described as a myriad of flowers. How to choose a suitable cabinet type is an unavoidable economic and technical problem. The selection is reasonable to meet the use requirements and save investment. Because the price of the shell of the electric box is very different, the reasonable selection will bring great economic benefits, and the selection of the shell of the electric box also has the problem of cost performance. In addition, the selection is reasonable, and the components in the cabinet and the shell of the electrical box are well matched, so that the layout and wiring of the components are reasonable, compact and beautiful.

At present, there are many types of electrical boxes, there are dozens of light and low-voltage withdrawable electrical boxes. Sometimes electrical designers are at a loss in electrical design, so it is important to sort out the advantages, disadvantages, performance and characteristics of various electrical boxes. How to correctly select the shell specification and model of the electrical box is the short board of the electrical designers of the design institute or design company. Because these designers do not know the structure of the electrical box very well, they only know some from the description and simple pictures in the product samples of the switch manufacturer. In view of this, they have made a detailed description of the common models, specifications, advantages and disadvantages of the low-voltage electrical box The necessity of introduction. In addition, users, quality inspectors and supervisors should also be familiar with the cabinet type and structure of various electrical boxes, otherwise, how can we determine whether the electrical boxes are Jerry built in terms of structure if the products provided by the manufacturer are accepted.

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