Understand the world of meter box and ready board materials

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Today, the meter box and ready board factory is going to share with you the standards that the materials must meet when making a meter box and ready board?

1. The materials must be flame retardant, non-toxic and smoke-free.

2. The service life of the meter box and ready board is long, so the service life of the materials used to make the meter box and ready board should be at least 20 years.

3. In case of temperature difference, the thermal stress of the material used to make the meter box and ready board must be much smaller than that of metal.

4. When encountering corrosive chemicals such as organic solvent, salt, seawater, acid and dilute alkali, they must have strong corrosion resistance.

The above four points are the basic properties that must be possessed by the materials for making the meter box and ready board.

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