Treatment of water inlet meter box or ready board

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Today,the meter box or ready board manufacturer will share with you how to deal with the meter box or ready board with water inflow. Now let's follow the small editor to have a look!

After the water enters the meter box or ready board, the equipment and electronic components in the box will be corroded and rusted, which will affect the later use, but it is also very easy to short circuit, burn the switch and other equipment to cause power failure. If the switch is turned on without knowing the cause, dangerous events may occur.

Therefore, when we find water entering the meter box or ready board, we must immediately turn off the power supply to prevent short circuit and explosion. After turning off the power supply, find out the water leakage and plug it. After ensuring that the components are dried or air dried, power on and turn on each switch one by one to eliminate the hidden danger. Of course, the best way to deal with such a situation is to contact professionals.

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