The importance of photovoltaic combiner boxes

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Since entering the new century, the solar photovoltaic industry has become one of the most attractive emerging industries in the world today. Photovoltaic power generation is a direct power generation method that utilizes solar energy and semiconductor electronic devices to effectively absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy. It is the mainstream solar power generation method today. Photovoltaic power generation does not require fuel, no gas emissions, and belongs to the “green” industry. It has the characteristics of pollution-free, safe, long-life, simple maintenance, inexhaustible resources and wide distribution of resources. It is considered to be the most important new energy source in the 21st century. Can be widely used in aerospace, communications, energy, agriculture, office facilities, transportation and residential areas.

In the solar photovoltaic power generation system, in order to reduce the connection between the solar photovoltaic cell array and the inverter, the user can connect a certain number of photovoltaic cells of the same specification in series to form a photovoltaic series, and then several photovoltaics. The serial parallel connection is connected to the intelligent photovoltaic combiner box, and after being merged in the intelligent photovoltaic combiner box, it is output through the DC breaker and used together with the photovoltaic inverter to form a complete photovoltaic power generation system, and realizes grid connection with the commercial power. In order to improve the reliability and practicability of the system, PV special DC lightning protection module, DC fuse and circuit breaker can be configured in the intelligent photovoltaic combiner box, and the working status indicator and lightning counter can be set to facilitate the timely and accurate control of the user. The working condition of photovoltaic cells ensures that solar photovoltaic power generation systems can maximize their effectiveness.

For large-scale photovoltaic grid-connected power generation systems, in order to reduce the connection between the PV modules and the inverters, to facilitate maintenance, and to improve reliability, it is generally necessary to add a DC confluence device between the PV modules and the inverters. Using the PV combiner box, the user can connect a certain number of PV modules of the same specification in series to form a series of PV modules according to the DC voltage range input by the inverter, and then connect several serials to the PV array lightning protection combiner box. Through the output of the lightning arrester and the circuit breaker, the connection of the rear inverter is facilitated.

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