Introduction of Contact of AC contactor

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When the AC contactor is used, it often needs to be on and off for many times, so the damage will inevitably occur in the process of using the AC contactor. Not only that, in some cases, we use the AC contactor in an inappropriate way or in a bad environment, these factors will lead to the use of AC contactor time greatly shortened or failure. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate AC contactor according to the actual use demand, and regularly maintain the equipment when using the AC contactor. In general, the contact of AC contactor contact is very easy to be damaged. Now, the manufacturer of AC contactor will introduce it to you.

The contact of AC contactor is the most prone module to failure. The contact of AC contactor is divided into main contact and auxiliary contact, which are very different. Its main contact is used to connect the main circuit and control device, so the over-current capacity of the main contact of the AC contactor is required to be high. The auxiliary contact is used to connect the control circuit, and the amount of current passing through it is small. Therefore, when using the AC contactor, the two kinds of contacts cannot be used alternately, which will lead to the hidden danger of the AC contactor being burned.

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