The Distribution Box (Stainless Steel Distribution Box) Avoids a Traffic Accident

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The function of distribution box (stainless steel distribution box), I think everyone knows, but it avoids a traffic accident, do you know? We know that the ordinary distribution box (stainless steel distribution box) is about half a meter high on the ground. It is this half meter high stainless steel distribution box that makes a hero. It was a beautiful driver in a sports car who caused the trouble.

The beautiful driver of the sports car drove to the side of the road at that time. Because there was a car blocking the road ahead, she backed up. Unexpectedly, the "bang" scraped off-road vehicle parked in the back. Affected by this, the whole car rushed back like crazy. It not only knocked over a distribution box on the side of the road, but also rode on the distribution box at the back. The right side of the car's front has been smashed. There is a sign of "Internship" on the car. The knocked over stainless steel distribution box and a bunch of cables are exposed outside. If it's not for the distribution box, the car will rush to the non motor vehicle lane, which will cause a bigger foot accident, with unimaginable consequences. Fortunately, there are no casualties.

This is how the distribution box (stainless steel distribution box) becomes a "hero". I hope that some professionals can repair the distribution box (stainless steel distribution box) quickly. After all, the cable exposed outside is also very dangerous. At the same time, I hope that the beauty will not make trouble again.

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