Precautions For The Installation And Use Of The Meter Box

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Precautions for installation and use of transparent meter box:

1. Please carefully check the integrity of all parts of the meter box during installation.

2. The installation position shall be the place without severe vibration and impact which is not enough to damage the electrical components.

3. The meter box shall be installed vertically and the inclination angle shall not exceed 5 °.

4. The surface of the meter box shall be maintained and cleaned during use.

5. Because the materials used in the meter box are not resistant to strong alkali, oxidizing acid, amine and ketone, and are soluble in hydrogenation path and aromatic solvent, it is necessary to avoid contact with these chemicals.

6. In the process of use, sharp objects and hard objects shall be avoided to collide and scratch the surface of the meter box.

7. When installing the meter box, try to choose a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, so as to extend the service life of the meter box, the meter and electrical components.

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