Smart meter solves the problem of manual meter reading and realizes efficient management

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    The current smart meters do not need manual meter reading, which is conducive to modern management, and the historical power purchase data can be saved, which is convenient for customers to query. To purchase electricity before using it, customers can purchase and use electricity in a planned way according to their actual needs, without any late fees and unnecessary expenses. Smart meters have generated huge market demand. Nowadays, almost all parks, office buildings, factories, campus dormitories, properties, apartments, rental houses, commercial complexes, etc. are equipped with smart meters.

    Main functions of smart meter

    Smart meter prepayment function: collect electricity charge in advance, and automatically switch off when the remaining electricity is zero.

    Intelligent meter closing and opening mode: internal switch and external control switch.

    Memory function of smart meter: data in the meter can be stored for 10-15 years in case of power failure.

    Intelligent meter display function: dual display, meter display cumulative power consumption, LED display residual power and other information.

    Smart meters can detect the flow that ordinary meters cannot detect (such as sockets, terminal blocks, etc.). Accurate billing.

    The intelligent price adjustment mode of smart meter can adjust the price intelligently for the users who use too much electricity, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

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