Analysis of GPRS Remote electricity meter reading system features!

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    With the rapid development of communication technology, people put forward higher requirements for the services provided by the mobile network. GPRS Remote Electricity Meter Reading System (general wireless packet service) provides end-to-end, wide area wireless IP connection. GPRS has the advantages of wide coverage, fast data transmission, real-time online, free to receive and send, fast login, etc.

    GPRS Remote meter reading system connects the meter reading equipment with the master station equipment through GPRS network. The data is processed by GPRS module and sent to the master station through the base station with protocol, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of user energy consumption data. GPRS is applied in the remote meter reading system, and the data is gathered to the server through GPRS, which can quickly produce the characteristics of power statistical analysis, payment documents, etc. at the same time, it can also The device management function is provided.

    1. GPRS Remote meter reading system adopts high reliability and low power consumption microprocessor, with stable operation and long service life.

    2. The terminal logs in to the data server immediately, establishes the TCP connection, is online, and automatically reconnects after disconnection.

    3. Support real-time data reading function: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, etc.

    4. Support the function of freezing data collection: Daily frozen electricity.

    5. Support curve data collection function: record one data point every few minutes.

    6. Support the remote gate pulling function: the manager can remotely pull the gate and adjust the load through the background management software according to the user's expenses, load size and other situations.

    7. Support the remote closing function: the manager can send power through the background remote control according to the user's payment and load.

    8. Support remote setting of basic parameters (voltage, current transformation ratio, etc.) of measurement point, purchase electric control, charge urging alarm, input and release of terminal power conservation, time of terminal power conservation, time of

    9. Support equipment reminder: open case alarm, over temperature alarm, over-voltage alarm, overload alarm and other hazard prompts.

    GPRS Remote Meter Reading System for different application scenarios and fields, different ways to achieve data collection. As an industrial data collector, wireless data collector is applied in complex and harsh industrial environment, with high protection level, strong and durable, good stability, low power consumption and long endurance.

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