Selection standard of AC contactor installed in stainless steel distribution box

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As the spring slowly passes, the hot summer is coming, and the peak of electricity consumption is on schedule. And the stainless steel distribution box, as a power device, will be more important in summer than in the future. I believe that friends who have known the stainless steel distribution box should know that the internal components of the stainless steel distribution box are composed of some low-voltage electrical appliances. We should pay attention to these internal components when selecting, especially the selection of the AC contactor of the stainless steel distribution box. What standards should the AC contactor installed in the stainless steel distribution box meet?

Due to the installation of AC contactors with the same capacity in different outgoing circuits, and the imbalance of three-phase load is not considered, and the current level of some outgoing contactors is not improved on the basis of normal selection of models, which is easy to cause the burning out of AC contactors during operation in high temperature seasons in summer.

In order to avoid such a situation, the AC contactor of the stainless steel distribution box shall be energy-saving AC contactor (similar to cj20si type), and pay attention to the connection between the coil voltage of the AC contactor and the corresponding terminal of the selected residual current operated protector, and pay attention to the correct load matching. When selecting AC contactor, its insulation grade shall be grade A or above, and the rated current of its main circuit contact shall be greater than or equal to the load current of the controlled line. The rated voltage of the electromagnetic coil of the contactor is 380V or 220V, and the coil is allowed to be used within 80% - 105% of the rated voltage.

Stainless steel distribution box plays an important role in normal use, whether in summer or other seasons. Therefore, when selecting stainless steel distribution box, we must pay more attention to its internal components and purchase high-quality stainless steel distribution box to avoid failure.

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