Function of distribution box and measures to avoid self damage

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We are not unfamiliar with the electrical equipment "distribution box". Now almost every unit or residence in the community will be installed with a special distribution box. What is the role of such a widely used distribution box? Today follow the state-controlled electric distribution box production and sales company to learn about it!

Function of distribution box:

First of all, the equipment can be said that we provide a total circuit distribution function when using electricity, and install switches, instruments, or protection and other complete sets of devices.

The general distribution box or distribution cabinet shall be assembled into a fully enclosed or semi enclosed metal box or screen in accordance with the relevant standards of electrical wiring, including switches (circuit breakers), measuring instruments (voltage and current), protective appliances (short-circuit overload), auxiliary equipment and other parts, so as to play the role of power distribution, line distribution and control protection Low voltage distribution device.

In the process of normal operation of the distribution box, you can use the manual or automatic switch to perform the on and off circuit action. In case of line fault or abnormal operation, the distribution box will cut off the circuit and alarm measures with the help of protective appliances. Moreover, it can display the parameters of operation intuitively through the loaded measuring instrument, and can adjust the electrical parameters according to the actual application needs. If it deviates from the normal working state, it will send signals and prompts.

The reasonable distribution of electric energy in the distribution box is conducive to providing more convenience for the opening and closing operation of the circuit, as well as improving the relevant safety protection level, displaying the circuit on state, making daily management and maintenance more convenient, and also conducive to maintenance work in case of circuit failure.

Measures to avoid self damage of distribution box:

Generally, this kind of equipment is a large number of parameters on the data. It is required to form a low-voltage forest according to the electrical wiring, and to install all kinds of switch instruments and other components in the distribution box. The box body of the equipment is composed of the shell, support plate, support rod and box door. The lower surface of the box body shall be connected with the support plate and firmly fixed. At the same time, the support plate shall be connected with the support rod and firmly fixed.

In order to prevent the distribution box from self damage or accidental damage in the process of use, the supporting rod shall not be less than two, and its fixing torque shall be appropriate through screws. When installing the distribution box now, it needs to be adjusted according to the actual application height. Generally speaking, the structural design of the equipment is relatively simple and easy to install. So as to avoid the damage of distribution box caused by collision when it is used on the ground. Not only this can prevent misoperation, but also save installation space to a large extent, and ensure the safety of people and electricity.

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