Quality requirements of distribution cabinet

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1. Main control items

(1) The test and adjustment results of the cabinet (panel) must comply with the construction specifications.  

(2) The metal frame and foundation section steel of cabinet, screen, table, box and panel must be grounded (PE) or neutral (pen) reliably; the openable door with electrical appliances and the grounding terminal of the frame shall be connected with bare braided copper wire and marked.

(3) The signs and frames on the panel are complete, correct and clear.  

(4) The insulation resistance between lines and between lines to ground of lines between cabinets (panels, platforms) and boxes (panels) must be greater than 0.5 m Ω for feeder lines and 1 m Ω for secondary circuits

2. General items

(1) The cabinet, screen, table, box and plate shall be connected with the foundation section steel by galvanized bolts, and the anti loosening parts shall be complete.  

(2) The installation of distribution box (panel) shall meet the following requirements:

The wiring in the box is neat without hinge. The wires are tightly connected without damaging the core wires. The cross-sectional areas of the wires pressed on both sides of the spiral under the gasket are equal. No more than 2 wires are connected on the same terminal, and parts such as anti inspection washer are complete. The circuit number is complete and the identification is correct.  

The switch inside the box panel is flexible and reliable. For the circuit with leakage protection, the action current of leakage protection device shall not be greater than 30mA, and the action time shall not be greater than 0.1s.  

Zero line (n) and protective earth line (PE) bus bars are set in the lighting box and panel respectively. The box (plate) is not made of combustible materials, and the coating of the box (plate) is complete.  

The box position is accurate, the installation is firm, and the parts are complete. The opening of the box body is suitable for the pipe diameter. The cover of concealed distribution box is close to the wall.  

The vertical allowable deviation is 1.5 ‰, and the bottom edge is 1.5m from the ground.

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