Precautions for maintenance of distribution box

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In order to prevent explosion and avoid the loss of production equipment, preventive maintenance should be carried out during operation. When performing maintenance, the components used must be installed in the correct way. The maintenance procedure itself should not cause fire and explosion hazards.


The wiring of distribution box is neat without hinge. The conductor shall be connected tightly without damaging the core wire or breaking: the cross-sectional area of the conductor pressed into both sides of the screw under the washer shall be the same, and the number of terminal connecting wires on the same terminal shall not exceed 2. Check washer and other parts are complete, and the wires are tightly connected. The busbar of neutral line (N line) and protective ground line (PE line) are respectively set in the lighting cabinet. The neutral line and protective ground line are distributed through the busbar. Verticality of distribution box: the box height is less than 50cm, and the allowable deviation is 1.5mm; The height of the box is more than 50cm, the allowable deviation is 3mm, the embedded installation of the lighting box is firm, and the height from the bottom to the ground is 1.8m.


The switch in the distribution box is flexible and reliable with leakage protection circuit. The action current of the leakage protection device shall not be greater than 30mA, and the action time shall not be greater than 0.1s. The metal frame of the distribution box must be reliably grounded (PE) or grounded (pen); The door equipped with electrical appliances shall be connected with bare braided copper wire and marked between the grounding terminals of the door and the door frame.


The electrical appliances of distribution box and switch box must be reliable and in good condition. It is not allowed to use damaged and unqualified distribution box. According to the general distribution box distribution box switch box, the implementation of secondary leakage protection. The incoming and outgoing lines of distribution box and switch box shall not bear external force, and shall not contact sharp fracture of metal and strong corrosive medium. There is a safe distance between the internal electrical equipment.

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