Power distribution box manufacturer: how does the power distribution box dissipate heat?

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No matter what components are using electricity, they will generate heat more or less when they are using electricity, because these components will have resistance, and when they are using electricity with resistance, they will generate heat, but the temperature of long-term components will rise, and the rise of temperature will affect the normal use of components. In the same way, the distribution box also needs power consumption and generates heat, which will cause over high temperature to affect the work and delay the normal work schedule for a long time. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the distribution box has to be considered. Once the use time is extended, it can even be used for a long time.

What are the cooling technologies of the distribution box? What's the effect? Next, the manufacturer of the distribution box will introduce the heat dissipation technology of the distribution box

One is that we use heat pipes to dissipate heat. The heat pipe is a component with very strong thermal conductivity. Its working principle is to conduct heat by evaporation and condensation of working medium in a vacuum tube. It has very strong thermal conductivity, good isothermal property, heat transfer area on both sides of the cold and hot can be covered at will, and it can also transfer heat remotely and control temperature characteristic. The heat exchanger composed of heat pipe has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and small fluid resistance loss.

The other is to heat dissipation through the arrangement of frequency converter structure. Here, the main circuit is designed as a relatively large unit, and it is placed on the back wall of explosion-proof cavity. Then, it is connected with IGBT module, rectifier module and other heating elements through a radiator used for transition. The outer wall of explosion-proof shell is welded with slot radiator, which is connected with slot radiator through heat pipe connect. The heat generated inside the frequency converter is dissipated through the heat pipe slot radiator of the excessive radiator on the rear wall of the explosion-proof chamber.

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