Best Material Selection Standard Of Distribution Box Shell Manufacturer

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The standard start-up cabinet shell of the distribution box is not allowed to have the phenomenon of visual tilt or partial skew and twist. It will not only affect the use, but also inevitably cause harm. Therefore, the manufacturer of the distribution box thinks that the boundary dimension tolerance is very important for the start-up cabinet shell

The working surface composed of the right and left slideways of the same layer supporting the plug-in box is 1mm parallel to the upper surface of the base, and the absolute value of the gap between the two adjacent panels after the plug-in box is installed shall not exceed 0.6mm

2 the front, rear, left and right doors shall be free of bulging, twisting and other phenomena, and the thickness of their surface shall be less than 2mm. The thickness of their surface shall not be more than 0.4mm within 100mmx100mm. After all the door panels are installed into the distribution box cabinet, the parallelism between the external surface and the side of the cabinet where they are located shall not be more than 1.5mm, and the absolute value of the difference between the parallel gaps shall be less than 2mm, And it fits well with the frame. The absolute value of the difference between the fixed door panel and the same gap is ≤ 1mm; the absolute value of the difference between the rotating door panel and the same gap is ≤ 1.8mm. The door with opening and closing requirements must rotate flexibly with opening angle ≥ 90 °. After closing, it has good magnetic absorption with the door, During the rotation, there shall be no interference phenomenon that can cause damage to the spraying layer. The side door shall be installed and disassembled flexibly. The vertical distance between the side far away from the rotation axis and the front plane of the frame shall be measured when the rotating door plate is installed and opened for about 30 °. The difference between the maximum value and the minimum value shall be ≤ 10 mm

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