Points to note about the operation of the small power distribution unit

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As a key component of the power system, the small power distribution unit needs to pay attention to the following points:

Regular inspection: Regularly check the appearance and internal components of the small power distribution unit to ensure that there is no obvious damage, rust or looseness, and prevent potential safety hazards.

Avoid overload: Overload operation is strictly prohibited, and the circuit breaker and fuse should be reasonably configured according to the load condition to avoid equipment damage and fire caused by overcurrent.

Prevent moisture: Avoid exposing the small power distribution unit to a humid environment, prevent moisture intrusion from affecting the normal operation of components, and maintain good ventilation.

Restrict non-professionals: Without the authorization of professionals, the small power distribution unit shall not be disassembled or modified to avoid safety accidents.

Emergency measures: In case of failure or abnormality, immediately cut off the power supply and seek professional technical support or maintenance personnel for processing.

Observing the above precautions can ensure the safe operation of the small power distribution unit and ensure the stable power supply of the power system.

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