Contraindications for small power distribution unit installation

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During the installation of the small power distribution unit, the following taboos should be observed:

It is forbidden to install small power distribution units in wet or flammable places to avoid fire or electrical accidents.

Overload use is prohibited, and the rated current and power of the small power distribution unit should be reasonably selected according to the load.

It is forbidden to construct and repair without professional personnel, and ensure that the installation operation complies with the standards and specifications.

It is forbidden to connect wires without permission to avoid potential safety hazards such as short circuit and leakage of wires.

It is forbidden to store flammable and explosive items on the small power distribution unit, and keep the environment around the small power distribution unit clean.

It is forbidden to open the cover of the small power distribution unit when there is no fault to avoid electric shock.

Strict compliance with these taboos can ensure the safe use of small power distribution units and prevent electrical accidents. If there is a problem, please ask a professional to overhaul and deal with it in time.

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