Notes On The Design Of The Meter Box

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The material of the meter box used to manufacture the low-voltage cable branch box is a resin matrix composite material. The main components of the box are ABS engineering plastics, polycarbonate transparent PC materials, DMC, SMC four materials injection molding and pressing.

So what are the precautions for the case design of the meter box manufacturer.

First of all, the soil humidity shall be isolated. The cable branch box with base shall be filled with fine sand and the base shall be buried under the ground to a certain depth to prevent the rising moisture in the soil from entering the box.

Secondly, ventilation components shall be used to ventilate the box to prevent excessive distilled water. Ventilation components shall be reserved between the top plate, cabinet door and back plate at the lower and upper ends of the cabinet door and back plate. With the heat generated by electrical components, dehumidification treatment can be carried out for the space in the box, which can not only prevent corrosion of metal parts in the box, but also prevent leakage current.

Finally, the combined design makes the installation simple. The combined design not only makes the installation simple, but also makes it easy to replace the box components and simplify the storage of spare parts.

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