How To Deal With The Fire In The Meter Box?

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The case of the meter box is the protection device of the meter. Where there are public facilities such as municipal administration, community, telecommunication, electric power, rural power grid, factory, enterprise, organ, heating power, fire control, etc., it is necessary to install electricity meters and electricity meter boxes. At first, most of the materials used in the meter box were made of bakelite, plastic, sheet iron and stainless steel. Bakelite was gradually replaced by iron and stainless steel due to its brittleness, aging and fracture. However, with the continuous expansion of power consumption in urban and urban construction, the previous rough material can no longer bear it. When the shell of the meter box was damaged At that time, the fire accident of the meter without the protection screen will follow.

In fact, there are many reasons for the fire of the meter box, such as power load, humidity, incorrect installation, short circuit caused by wiring on the meter without permission, etc., especially in the rainy season and summer, the electricity load may cause the fire of the meter box or the meter, especially for the residents in the community, because there are too many houses, once the home like air conditioning, computer appliances are turned on too much More can cause accidents.

When the electric meter box is on fire, it is still troublesome for the staff to repair it, so they should pay attention to the timely closing of the appliances that do not need to be opened at home, not to mention the opening of a large number of high-power appliances at one time. However, what should be done in case of an unavoidable situation that leads to the fire of the electric meter box? First, do not panic, stay away from the electric meter, avoid injury, and then cut off the power supply at the first time, Use dry powder or gas fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. If the power supply is not cut off, do not splash water directly to extinguish the fire, so as to prevent electric shock or electric explosion from injuring people and causing secondary injury.

Of course, if there is no such event, it's better not to make a move easily. Call 119 or the power department in time to let them deal with it. Generally, as long as the rescue is quick, the power supply should be restored within one day. It's difficult to stop the power supply for one day in hot summer, so pay attention to the usage of the meter and the consumption.

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