Key Points for Purchasing Regulators

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    It is suggested that at least three times the actual power of the regulator should be chosen, because the regulator should overcome the surge impact of the city electricity and the start impact of the sensory load (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, motors and motors) in practical work.

    1. When voltage regulators are used in inductive loads, because inductive loads have large instantaneous starting current, generally about 3-5 times of rated current is often more than 9 times of running current (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, fans, large air conditioners, printers, air compressors, elevators, pumps, etc.). The power reserve of voltage stabilizers with inductive loads such as motors, compressors and electrical appliances must be taken into account. In order to retain the reserve, sufficient reserve should be reserved to avoid immediate damage to the voltage stabilizer caused by impulse current when the load is turned on. If the whole plant uses a regulator, when starting the machine, high-power inductive load should be avoided to start at the same time, so when choosing a regulator, it should have 1.5 times reserved capacity and 3 times the reserved capacity of a single machine.

    2. Attention should be paid to the voltage value of municipal power supply, whether it exceeds the input voltage range specified by the selected voltage stabilizer, and whether the difference of three-phase voltage is more than 10V.

    3. Before purchasing the machine, we should consider the future business expansion, whether we need to increase equipment, whether the regulator needs to reserve expansion capacity.

    4. Regardless of the single machine or the whole plant, the selected voltage stabilizer should reserve a certain reserved capacity to avoid the 100% load rate of the voltage regulator. The load rate of the voltage regulator is generally up to 90%, which is more appropriate. The shape structure of automatic voltage regulator includes desktop, hanging wall, desk wall dual-purpose and landing type. Different styles should be selected according to the location, main use and installation capacity.

    5. Industry insiders suggest that when choosing voltage regulators, attention should also be paid to choosing products with high brand awareness, because these manufacturers are reliable in quality and thoughtful in service. At the same time, whether the manufacturers have good after-sales service, such as the implementation of three packages of product quality, is also an important factor that consumers should pay attention to.

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