Installation points of household distribution box

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1. There are two types of domestic distribution box: metal shell and plastic shell. They are exposed type and concealed type. The box must be in good condition.

2. The wiring busbar in the box of the home distribution box shall be set with zero line, protective grounding wire and phase line respectively, which shall be intact and well insulated.

3. The mounting bracket of the air switch shall be smooth and free from obstruction and have corresponding space, and shall be installed in the dry and ventilated position without obstruction, so as to be convenient for use. The distribution box cannot be installed in the box to prevent fire disaster.

4. The distribution box of household distribution box should not be installed too high. Generally, the installation elevation is 1.8m to facilitate operation; the electric pipe entering the distribution box must be fixed with locking nuts.

5. If the distribution box of household distribution box needs to be perforated, the edge of the hole shall be smooth and smooth. When the distribution box is buried in the wall, it shall be vertical and horizontal, with a gap of 5-6mm left on the edge. The wiring in the distribution box shall be regular and neat, and the terminal screws shall be fastened.

6. The incoming lines of each circuit shall be of corresponding length without joints. After installation, the name of each circuit shall be indicated. After the installation of the home distribution box, the residues in the distribution box shall be cleaned.

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