How to choose and install the indoor small power distribution box correctly?

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The correct selection and installation of home distribution boxes is very important, because they are the core components of the home electrical system, responsible for the distribution and control of electricity. Here are some suggestions:

Determine the required power and number of circuits: Before purchasing a indoor small power distribution box, it is necessary to clarify the total power requirements of household appliances and the number of circuits required. This enables the selection of distribution boxes of the appropriate capacity and number of branch circuits.

Select the appropriate distribution box: Select the appropriate distribution box according to the number of circuits and power requirements, and ensure that it complies with local safety regulations and standards.

Installation location: The distribution box should be installed in a dry and ventilated location, away from water and flammable substances.

Choose the appropriate installation method: There are usually two installation methods: wall-mounted and embedded, and choose the appropriate installation method according to the actual situation.

Electrical installation: The electrical installation of the distribution box should be carried out by a qualified electrician, and the power supply should be disconnected before installation to ensure safety.

Cables and wiring: Cables and wiring should comply with standard regulations, and the connections should be firm and reliable to avoid short circuits or other safety issues.

Marking: After installation, the circuit controlled by each switch and socket should be marked to facilitate daily maintenance and use.

The above suggestions can help you correctly select and install indoor small power distribution boxes to ensure the safety and reliability of the household electrical system.

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