Classification of structural forms of split meter ready boards

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The structural forms of split meter ready boards can be mainly divided into several types: split meter ready boards, control boxes and distribution boxes.


First of all, the split meter ready board is the box in which the electric energy meter is installed, which usually includes the meter base, meter plate and mounting bracket. It protects the energy meter through protective devices to ensure its normal operation. The split meter ready board has a simple structure and is mainly used to measure electric energy usage.


Secondly, the control box is used to install, connect and protect control equipment, such as relays, circuit breakers, etc. It has the functions of protection, sealing and heat dissipation to ensure the safe and reliable operation of control equipment. The control box has a complex structure and is suitable for various control systems.


Finally, the distribution box is a device used to distribute electrical energy, usually including incoming wires, outgoing wires, circuit breakers, current transformers and other components. It can be designed as single-phase or three-phase as required and is used to guide electrical energy into different circuits. Distribution boxes have various structures and are suitable for different sizes and types of power distribution systems.


The classification of these split meter ready board structural forms is designed to meet the power measurement, control and distribution needs of different scenarios and uses.

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