Characteristics of meter box design and materials

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Design features of meter box


1. Ventilate the box with ventilating components to avoid excessive distilled water. Ventilating components are left between the box door, the lower and upper ends of the back plate, and the top plate, the cabinet door, and the back plate


The heat generated by electrical components can dehumidify the space in the box, which can not only avoid the corrosion of metal parts in the box, but also avoid the generation of leakage current.


2. For the cable branch box with the base isolated from soil moisture, by filling the base with fine sand and embedding the base into the ground to a certain depth, the rising moisture in the soil will not enter the box.


3. The combined design makes the installation simple. The combined design not only makes the installation simple, but also easily replaces the box parts and simplifies the storage of spare parts.


4. The unique design of the box can effectively resist the impact of external forces;


5. The splicing method can reduce the maintenance cost of the box


Characteristics of meter box materials


1. The motor can work well. The fiber reinforced polyester material used to manufacture electrical products has the following motor energy: insulation resistance (soaking in water for 24h): 1.0x10 m Ω arc resistance: 180s leakage resistance


Marking index: ≥ 600V insulation protection and anti creepage index comply with din/vde related standards. This kind of material not only has excellent electrical insulation, but also can maintain excellent dielectric energy at high frequency. It is not affected by electromagnetic effect and does not reflect electromagnetic waves. These functions are far superior to those of non-metallic materials.


2. Resistant to chemical attack, fiber reinforced polyester materials have good corrosion resistance to acid, salt, organic solvents, sea water, etc., while metal materials are not resistant to acid and sea water.


3. Light weight, high strength, specific strength and specific modulus are one of the indicators to measure the bearing capacity of materials. The specific modulus of fiber-reinforced polyester materials is closely related to steel, but its specific strength can reach 4 times that of steel.


4. It has good fatigue resistance. The tensile strength of fiber-reinforced polyester is slightly better than that of steel. The fatigue resistance limit of steel and most metal materials is 40 [%]-50 [%], while the fatigue resistance limit of fiber-reinforced composites is generally higher than this value, and the highest can reach 70 [%]-80 [%].


5. Notch sensitivity. When the component is overloaded and a little fiber breaks, the load is quickly distributed on the undamaged fiber to reach the mechanical balance again. This is incomparable to metal components.


6. Low thermal conductivity and small expansion coefficient. When there is a temperature difference, the thermal stress is much smaller than that of metal.


7. Excellent UV resistance and anti-aging function. Among non-metallic materials, fiber reinforced polyester materials have excellent anti-aging function. The anti-aging function test shows that the maximum aging thickness of the surface is less than 50 in 20 years, depending on the place of use and the climate zone μ m。 The minimum thickness of most boxes is 5mm, which is less than 1[%] of the thickness of the box, so it has no obvious impact on the mechanical function of the box. In addition, the company adopted a special UV resistant surface treatment process, which further strengthened its aging resistance.


8. The service life is long, and the service history of Europe can prove that its service life is at least 20 years; The simulated aging test shows that its service life is more than 20 years, far more than


Metal and other traditional materials. Some companies that produce pipes with such materials also claim that the service life of their pipes is 50 years.


  1. Flame retardant, smokeless and non-toxic. This material is a kind of flame retardant material, with the flame retardant grade of fv0 (the highest level of non-metallic materials), the smoke level under high temperature ignition is 15 (smoke level 1-100), and the smoke is non-toxic, and the toxicity level is za1 (quasi safety level 1).
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