Analysis of basic knowledge of CBI Ready Board safety

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CBI Ready Board is the lowest level of control and protection facilities in the power system, and it is the most basic link to ensure the safe operation of the power system. It has a great opportunity to contact with workers, but because of its large number, wide distribution, and most of them are low-value goods, they are often ignored by the equipment power department, so that many CBI Ready Boardes are out of control, resulting in unsafe factors, and increasing the risk of personal electric shock and electrical fire. Therefore, we must pay attention to the safe selection and use of CBI Ready Boardes.


The electrical components and installation of the CBI Ready Board must comply with the relevant safety regulations in the code for design of low voltage distribution devices and circuits and the code for construction and acceptance of electrical device installation engineering. The working voltage, current, frequency and grade of electrical components used in the CBI Ready Board must meet the working requirements. Moreover, where each branch or protection of the CBI Ready Board needs to be selected, special protective appliances should also be set. At the same time, when the miniature circuit breaker is selected to protect the distribution line, the miniature circuit breaker should be installed on each pole of each ungrounded phase. When the miniature circuit breaker of the CBI Ready Board is used for short-circuit protection, the cross section of the conductor should meet the corresponding regulations. When the CBI Ready Board selects leakage protector to protect the distribution line, its overcurrent release should be installed on each phase and pole of ungrounded. If the CBI Ready Board adopts the leakage protector (ROBO) with only instantaneous or short-time-delay overcurrent release, the setting current of the release should avoid the short-time overload current.


In some places with fire and explosion hazards and distribution lines that may be overloaded for a long time, the CBI Ready Board should be installed with overload protection devices, and the allowable carrying capacity of the insulated wires and cables of the distribution lines should be greater than 1.25 times of the melt rated current of the miniature circuit breaker or the setting current of the long-time overcurrent tripping of the leakage protector. Strict management and correct use of CBI Ready Boardes are indispensable measures to reduce electrical accidents. In order to do a good job in their management and use, we must implement the principles of hierarchical management and line management, have clear systems, and assume their respective responsibilities。

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