Widely used electrical control distribution box

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The electrical control distribution box is applicable to factories, mines, enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, schools, airports, ports, hospitals, high-rise buildings, living quarters and other occasions. In the low-voltage power grid system with AC 50Hz and rated working voltage of AC 380V, the electrical control distribution box is used for power, lighting distribution and motor control, which is suitable for indoor wall mounted and outdoor floor mounted power distribution equipment. The air shall be clean and the relative humidity shall not exceed 50% when the temperature is + 40 ℃. Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature. For example, the relative humidity at + 20 ℃ is 90%. It should be considered that moderate condensation may occur occasionally due to temperature change. The transportation and storage temperature ranges from - 25 ℃ to + 55 ℃, and can reach + 70 ℃ in a short time.

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