What Standards Should The Stainless Steel Fire Hydrant Box Configuration Meet?

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1. DN65 indoor fire hydrant should be used, and fire hose or portable faucet should be set in the same box.

2. The fire hose with 65 nominal diameter and inner lining should be provided. The water is mainly transported to the fire site through the hose pipe, but the length should not be more than 25m, and it is not suitable to be too long or too short.

3. When installing fire hose reel, the diameter of fire hose reel should be less than 19, and the length should be 30 meters.

4. When the portable water hose is set, it should be equipped with a fire hose with a diameter of 25 and a lining, and the length is about 30 meters.

5. When the flow rate of the fire hydrant is 2.5l/s, the fire water gun with diameter of 11mm or 13mm should be equipped.

6. The sixth point of indoor fire hydrant configuration is that fire hose tray and portable hose should be equipped with 6 mm diameter fire water gun.

7. The installation height of indoor fire hydrant should also be required. The distance between indoor fire hydrant mouth and ground is 1.1m. Ensure easy access.

The outlet direction of indoor fire hydrant should be installed in order to facilitate the laying of fire hose. The good angle should be 90 degrees to the wall or the opening should be downward.

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