What should I pay attention to before installing the distribution box?

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After the control wire is calibrated, simmer each core wire into a circle and connect it to each terminal board with galvanized screws, eye rings and spring pads. Generally, one terminal on each side of the terminal board is pressed with one wire, and Z cannot exceed two, and eye rings are added between the two wires. Multi strand wires shall be rinsed with tin and broken strands are not allowed.

1. The appearance inspection of cabinet (panel) body shall be free of damage and deformation, and the paint shall be intact. Internal inspection of cabinet (panel): electrical devices, components and insulating porcelain parts are complete without damage, crack and other defects.

2. Before installation, check whether the number of distribution box is consistent with the installation position, and check its box number and circuit number according to the design drawing. Soft copper braided wire and special terminal shall be used for box door grounding. The wiring in the box shall be neat and meet the design requirements and the provisions of the acceptance code (GB50303-2002). Grounding of foundation section steel: after the installation of foundation section steel, the grounding wire shall be firmly welded with both ends of foundation section steel. The welding surface shall be twice the width of flat steel, and then it shall be reliably connected with cabinet grounding bar. And make anti-corrosion treatment.

Cabinet (panel) test adjustment

1. The high voltage test shall be conducted by a test unit approved by the local power supply department. The test standard shall comply with the national specifications, the regulations of the local power supply department and the requirements of product technical data.

2. Test contents: high voltage cabinet frame, bus, lightning arrester, high voltage porcelain bottle, voltage transformer, current transformer, various switches, etc.

3. Adjustment contents: overcurrent relay adjustment, time relay, signal relay adjustment and mechanical interlocking adjustment.

4. For secondary control small wire adjustment and simulation test, tighten all wiring terminal screws again.

5. Insulation test: use 500V insulation resistance test instrument to test the resistance of each circuit at the terminal board, and the resistance must be greater than 0.5m Ω.

6. If there are transistors, integrated circuits and electronic components in the secondary small line circuit, use a multimeter to test whether the circuit is connected.

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