What should be paid attention to when installing the split meter ready board?

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The installation of split meter ready boards is a key link involving electrical safety. Here are some precautions:

Safe location: The split meter ready board should be installed in a place that is easily accessible but not easily touched by people, preferably in an area that can only be accessed by authorized personnel after locking the door.

Appropriate environment: The split meter ready board should be installed in a dry and ventilated environment, away from water and high temperature environment. This helps prevent fires inside the split meter ready board.

Quality and safety certification: Choose a split meter ready board that meets quality standards and safety certification to ensure that the installed circuit can work normally and meet safety requirements.

Grounding: The split meter ready board must be properly grounded to protect personal safety and electrical equipment.

Installation requirements: The installation of the split meter ready board should follow the corresponding national or local regulations, such as height, spacing, connection method, etc.

Maintenance: Regularly maintain the split meter ready board, keep it clean and tidy, ensure that the connections are tight and the wiring is secure to ensure a safe and reliable power supply.

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