What should be paid attention to in the use of distribution box

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Distribution box is a kind of thing that can distribute electric energy reasonably and facilitate the opening and closing operation of circuit. It has high level of safety protection, and the conduction status of circuit can directly show its advantages. It is widely used in power generation and distribution substation. Next, Zhejiang distribution box manufacturer Wenzhou Guoyao electric complete set Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce the precautions of distribution box application for you.

  1. When the distribution box is installed in the device, try to install it in the ventilation place, so that when it is used, it can form air convection to make the distribution box dissipate heat.
  2. In addition to ventilation, the device of the box body shall be used to avoid the direct sunlight in the afternoon as far as possible, and the non sandstone type shall be better on the ground.
  3. When using in high temperature season, it is necessary to prevent the equipment from running for a long time and reduce the heat released by the equipment in the distribution box as much as possible.
  4. The box body of the distribution box can be sprayed with the coating with heat insulation function on schedule to reduce the thermal radiation, which is helpful for the heat dissipation of the box body and has more ambitious effect.
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