What problems should be paid attention to in the installation of distribution box?

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What problems should be paid attention to in the installation of distribution box.


1、 Equipment requirements:


1. The appearance inspection of cabinet (panel) body shall be free of damage and deformation, and the paint shall be intact. Cabinet (panel) internal inspection: electrical devices and components, insulation porcelain parts are complete, no damage, cracks and other defects.


2. Before installation, check whether the distribution box number is consistent with the installation position, and check the box number and circuit number according to the design drawings. Soft copper braided wire and special terminal shall be used for box door grounding. The wiring in the box shall be neat and meet the requirements of design and acceptance code (GB 50303-2002).


2、 Operation conditions:


The civil engineering of the installation site of the distribution box should have the basic conditions for the completion of internal painting and the installation of doors and windows. The embedded pipes and embedded parts shall be cleaned; The site is equipped with transportation conditions to keep the road smooth.


3、 Distribution box positioning: according to the design requirements to determine the location of the distribution box and the actual site equipment installation, according to the box dimensions to snap line positioning.


4、 Foundation steel installation


1. According to the requirements of the drawings, the foundation steel frame shall be prefabricated and processed, and the anti-corrosion treatment shall be done well. According to the position marked in the construction drawings, the prefabricated foundation steel frame shall be placed on the reserved iron parts. After leveling and alignment, the foundation steel frame, embedded iron parts and gaskets shall be welded firmly by electric welding. The top of foundation section steel should be 10 mm higher than the ground.


2. Grounding of foundation section steel: after the installation of foundation section steel, both ends of grounding wire and foundation section steel shall be welded firmly, and the welding surface shall be twice the width of flat steel, and then it shall be reliably connected with cabinet grounding bar. And do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment.


5、 Installation of distribution cabinet (panel)


1. Cabinet (panel) installation: according to the layout of the construction drawing, the distribution cabinet shall be placed on the foundation section steel one by one in order. The perpendicularity of the surface and side of a single cabinet (panel) can be adjusted by adding pad iron, but it shall not exceed three pieces and shall be welded firmly. After each cabinet (panel) is in place, the levelness and panel surface deviation of the cabinet shall be adjusted to meet the requirements of construction specifications.


2. The wall mounted distribution box can be fixed on the wall with expansion bolts, but the hollow brick or block wall should be embedded with dovetail bolts or fixed with split bolts.


3. When installing the distribution box, the sleeve box should be embedded, and the panel should be flat with the wall after installation.


4. After the adjustment of the cabinet (panel), the cabinet body and the foundation section steel shall be fastened with bolts.


5. Cabinet (panel) grounding: each cabinet (panel) is separately connected with the foundation section steel. Copper wire can be used to reliably connect the PE row in the cabinet with the grounding bolt, and spring washer must be added for anti loosening treatment. Each cabinet door shall be reliably connected with PE row with copper braided wire.


6. The top of the cabinet (panel) shall be connected with the bus bar. The matching wrench of the bus bar shall be used for fastening according to the requirements, and the contact surface shall be coated with neutral Vaseline. When connecting the bus bar between cabinets, pay attention to whether the bus bar is too close to other devices or shells, and pay attention to the correct phase.


7. Control circuit inspection: check whether the circuit is loose due to transportation and other factors, and tighten them one by one, and whether the electrical components are damaged. In principle, the control circuit of the cabinet (panel) has been checked before leaving the factory. The circuit in the cabinet should not be adjusted without permission. If any problem is found, contact the supplier.


  1. After the control line is calibrated, each core wire is simmered into a circle and connected to each terminal board with galvanized screw, eye ring and spring pad. Generally, each side of the terminal board is pressed with one wire, not more than two wires, and eye circles are added between the two wires. Multi strand wire shall be tinned and no broken strand is allowed.
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