What kinds of meter box (split meter ready board) are there! What's the usage? Maintenance precautions

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In terms of the current market, the types of meter box (split meter ready board) mainly include ordinary boxes, FRP boxes, transparent boxes, card insertion boxes, prepaid boxes, etc; Ordinary meter box (split meter ready board) only plays the role of household voltage protection, and there is nothing special; For FRP box, it is in the upper position at present. The following are its functions:


1. The FRP meter box (split meter ready board) completely solves the personal injury and death accidents caused by the poor grounding of the box and the overlapping of foreign matters;


2. The comprehensive use cost is low, and the one-time investment can be used for more than 20 years (excluding the replacement time and accumulated cost of metal boxes);


3. The unique design of FRP meter box (split meter ready board) can effectively resist the impact of external forces;


4. The box material recovery cost is high, which can prevent the body from being stolen;


5. Splicing can reduce the maintenance cost of the box (only the damaged parts can be replaced);


6. High temperature combustion will not produce asphyxiating gas.


When using the meter box (split meter ready board), sharp objects and hard objects shall not collide and scratch the surface of the meter box (split meter ready board). When installing the meter box (split meter ready board), try to choose a cool and dry place to avoid long-term direct sunlight and prolong the service life of the meter;


Precautions for maintenance of electric meter box (split meter ready board):


1. All electrical switches on the meter box (split meter ready board) shall be flexible and reliable without obvious noise, and the connecting wire junction and terminal post shall not be loose, and the steel wire at the contact wire junction shall not be broken.


2. When replacing the fuse, the fuse current shall match the circuit current.


3. There are different types of voltages on the control box. During maintenance, circuits must be distinguished to prevent short circuit accidents.

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