What is the sectional capacity of MCCB? What are the tripping modes?

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The application scope of MCCB is mainly in some low-voltage power distribution system and motor and control equipment system. This product is made with the advanced technology in the industry, and its performance is relatively perfect. The most remarkable point is that MCCB has a relatively strong breaking capacity. It is also a product type that has passed the certification.


Knowledge of MCCB:


At present, moulded case circuit breakers also have a variety of tripping modes. The tripping types can be selected, including thermal magnetic fixed type, thermal magnetic adjustable type, motor protection type, etc. In the practical application process is also very convenient and simple.


In addition, it is necessary to know about the current sectional capacity of MCCB, because when purchasing MCCB, people were worried about its breaking capacity, and they were afraid that its breaking capacity could not meet the requirements. Here we can remind you that the maximum capacity can reach 100 Ka, so its breaking capacity is still relatively high.


For other basic parameters of MCCB, please pay more attention to our official website. Our official website will often introduce some information about this aspect to help you know more about MCCB and have a deeper understanding of MCCB.


Precautions for purchase of batch moulded case circuit breakers:


When purchasing moulded case circuit breaker, especially when purchasing moulded case circuit breaker in batch, we must negotiate with the manufacturer in advance. We should know about the use parameters of moulded case circuit breaker, as well as the actual type of moulded case circuit breaker, etc. These will help us to have a deeper understanding of the type and situation of moulded case circuit breaker, so that we can purchase the appropriate product type. Therefore, it is suggested that we should pay more attention Learn more about it!

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