What is the meaning of "L, T" on AC contactor?

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AC contactor has main contact circuit and auxiliary contact circuit. L and T are the main contact point meaning, they represent the main contact identification of AC contactor. For example, a three-phase AC contactor is generally marked with T1, T2, T3 and L1, L2, L3 fonts. It should be noted that there is no difference between incoming and outgoing lines.


Of course, the general incoming line is connected with 1 / L1 3 / L2 5 / L3 7 / L4, which is a three-phase four wire system, while the outgoing line is connected with 2 / T1 4 / T 26 / T 38 / T 4. If only three phases are connected, the first three pairs of contacts can be used completely; 11, 12, 41 and 42 refer to two pairs of auxiliary normally closed contacts, and 2324 and 3334 are two pairs of auxiliary normally open contacts, which are generally connected with self-locking circuit and operation indication.


For example, the AC contactor lc1d65m7c represents 65A / 220 V domestic D series AC contactor, and the working frequency is 50 Hz and 60 Hz. The meaning of each number letter inside is: LC: stands for AC coil, 1: stands for single contactor, D series, coil current is 65A, M: voltage is 220 V, 7:50 Hz / 60 Hz are common, C is domestic.

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