What Is The Internal Structure Of The Distribution Box? Read This Article And You Will Understand!

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The distribution box is mainly composed of two parts:

One is complete set of components, i.e. distribution box shell and related accessories.

The second is the electrical components and related accessories, i.e. the air switch and its required accessories.

The distribution box and cabinet are composed of the following parts:

Circuit breaker; leakage protection switch; dual power automatic transfer switch; surge protector; watt hour meter; ammeter; voltmeter.

Circuit breaker: switch, is the main component of the distribution cabinet.

Leakage protection switch: it has the function of leakage protection. It is the main function of the leakage protector when people touch the live line and realize tripping to ensure personal safety. If the electric equipment is not well insulated and leaks to the shell, the leakage protector will also trip to avoid touching the electric shock. At the same time, it has current on-off function, overload protection and short-circuit protection function.

Dual power automatic transfer switch: the dual power automatic transfer switch is an automatic transfer system. It is suitable for ups-ups, UPS generator, UPS mains and other two-way continuous power conversion.

Surge protective device (SPD): also known as lightning protector, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines. When peak current or voltage is suddenly generated in electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, surge protector can conduct shunt in a very short time, so as to avoid the damage of surge to other equipment in the circuit.

Watt hour meter: it is a kind of electric energy meter commonly used by electricians. It is an instrument used to measure electric energy, commonly known as watt hour meter.

Working principle of watt hour meter: when the watt hour meter is connected to the circuit, the magnetic flux produced by the voltage coil and the current coil passes through the disc. These magnetic fluxes have different phases in time and space, and the eddy current should be felt on the disc respectively. Due to the interaction between the magnetic flux and the eddy current, the rotating torque is generated to make the disc rotate. Due to the brake action of the magnetic steel, the rotating speed of the disc reaches a uniform motion.

Because the magnetic flux is in direct proportion to the voltage and current in the circuit, the disk moves at a speed proportional to the load current under its action. The rotation of the disk is driven to the protractor through the worm, and the indication of the protractor is the actual electric energy used in the circuit.

Ammeter: the ammeter is made according to the effect of magnetic force on the electrified conductor in the magnetic field. When there is current passing through, the current passes through the magnetic field along the spring and the rotating shaft, and the current cuts the magnetic induction line. Therefore, under the effect of the magnetic field force, the coil deflects and drives the rotating shaft and the pointer to deflect.

Since the magnitude of the magnetic force increases with the increase of the current, the magnitude of the current can be observed by the deflection of the pointer.

Voltmeter: voltmeter is a kind of instrument for measuring voltage, commonly used voltmeter - voltmeter symbol: V, there is a permanent magnet in the sensitive galvanometer, a coil composed of wires is connected in series between two terminals of the galvanometer, the coil is placed in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet, and is connected with the pointer of the meter through the transmission device.

However, the above mentioned components are the most basic components in the distribution box. In the actual production process, other components will be added according to the different purposes of the distribution box and the use requirements of the distribution box, such as: AC contactor, intermediate relay, time relay, button, signal indicator light, KNX intelligent switch module (with capacitive load) and background monitoring System, intelligent fire evacuation lighting and background monitoring system, electrical fire / leakage monitoring detector and background monitoring system, EPS power battery, etc.

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