What is the difference between lighting distribution box and power distribution box?

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The distribution box is divided into power distribution box and lighting distribution box, which belong to the last stage equipment of power distribution. Both are strong electricity.

1. Lighting distribution box

The incoming line is 220VAC/1 or 380AVC/3, the current is below 63A, the load is mainly the illuminator (below 16A) and other small loads, and the air conditioner in civil buildings can also be powered by the lighting distribution box. Lighting distribution circuit breakers are generally of distribution type and lighting type (medium and small short-time overload times).

2. Power distribution box

The incoming line 380AVC/3 is mainly used for power distribution of motor and other power equipment. When the total incoming line current of lighting distribution is greater than 63A, it is also classified as power distribution box. The power distribution circuit breaker shall be of distribution type and power type (medium and large short-time overload times). The maintenance task of the distribution box can not be ignored in the application, and the following points should be paid attention to: moisture-proof, low-temperature protection, anti-corrosion gas and liquid, etc. Pay attention to the following three points when stopping maintenance tasks: first, before clearing the power distribution cabinet, remember to disconnect the power supply and then stop clearing it. If the cleaning is stopped when the power is on, it is easy to cause leakage, short circuit and other conditions. Therefore, before cleaning, be sure to check whether the circuit has been disconnected. Secondly, when cleaning the power distribution cabinet, it is necessary to prevent moisture from remaining in the power distribution cabinet. If moisture is found, it should be wiped clean with a dry rag to ensure that the power distribution cabinet can only be energized in a dry condition. Remember not to use corrosive chemicals to clean the distribution cabinet, and prevent the distribution cabinet from touching corrosive liquid or air. If the power distribution cabinet encounters corrosive liquid or air, it is easy to cause its surface to be corroded and rusted, which affects its beauty and is not conducive to its maintenance.

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