What is AC contactor and what is its use?

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What is AC contactor, in short, it is a power switch, which is used to close or cut off the power circuit. What is the difference between it and other power switches? We should understand the basic principle and structure of the contactor.

The key components of AC contactor are as follows: (1) the software of electromagnetic induction system includes attracting electromagnetic coil and moving core storage core; (2) circuit breaker system software, including three sets of main circuit breakers and one to two sets of open and close and normally closed auxiliary circuit breakers. It is connected with the moving iron core; (3) arc extinguishing equipment, and arc extinguishing equipment is set up for AC contactors with large volume, It is convenient to quickly disconnect the isolated power, and can avoid burning the main circuit breaker; (4) the insulation shell and accessories, various springs, transmission mechanisms, short circuit failure rings, wiring heads, etc.

What is AC contactor, what is the function?

The upper side is an internal frame diagram of an AC contactor. When the AC contactor solenoid is connected with power, the current quantity of the electromagnetic coil will cause electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field caused by the static iron core causes the electromagnetic induction adsorption force to attract the moving iron core, and pushes the position of the AC contactor point. The main contact point is closed, the normally closed contact is broken, the normally open contact is closed, and the two are connected. When the electromagnetic coil turns off the power supply, the electromagnetic induction adsorption force disappears, and the streamline ring is released under the effect of releasing the spring yellow, so that the contact point is restored, the normally open contact is broken and the normally closed contact is closed. The current can also control the circuit according to the AC contactor.

It must be stated that the main contact on the upper side is mainly connected to the main line task, such as single-phase, one contact point is grounded to zero wire and the other is connected to zero wire. Auxiliary contact is equivalent to a knob switch. When the core is closed, the normally open contact is in the closed strong state and the normally closed contact is in the off strong state. When the core is separated, the normally open contact is in the break strong state and the normally closed contact is in the closed strong state.

The power supply system L and N of the electromagnetic coil only supply the electromagnetic coil system, and it is not the current quantity on the contact point. Whether it is 380V or 220V, it has only two border lines. Its function is only to supply the electromagnetic coil power system, which causes the electromagnetic field of the static core and then closes with the dynamic core. Some people will ask, can I operate it with an air leakage switch immediately? Why do you have this?

For example, if you use air switch, you must turn on the power switch without doubt. If you use AC contactor, you can connect it to L and N of the electromagnetic coil power supply system with a button power switch. The knob switch can be installed in all the areas you want to install. Especially in the distribution cabinet, if it is inconvenient to open the distribution cabinet for every time the motor is opened and stopped, we can install an ammonium button on the door of the distribution cabinet with an AC contactor, so we don't need to open the actual operation of the distribution cabinet every time, or we can use computer to remotely manipulate it.

AC contactor has many functions. It is only briefly mentioned above. It is used to frequently access and disconnect the main power circuit or large space control circuit with load and arc extinguishing. For those that arc extinguishing wanted to be written last night, but I didn't know how to write it for a long time, so it should be written later.

What is AC contactor, what is the function?

There is a distribution cabinet on the upper side. It is common for people who have passed the shift in the processing plant or on the construction site. When the motor is running, the green indicator light is not on, the bright red indicator light is on. When the motor is stopped, the green indicator light is on, and the bright red indicator light is not on. Generally, we can know whether the motor is operating according to the display light.

According to the AC contactor, it will be very easy to complete this function. We connect the green green indicator lamp to the normally closed contact of the AC contactor, one in and one end out. When the motor is connected to the main contact point, the closed contacts are often interconnected when the AC contactor is not working, which is equivalent to an electric conductor. Therefore, the green green indicator light will be on. When the AC contactor is closed during operation, the current amount passes through the AC contactor, and the motor starts to work. The normally closed contact point is broken. The green green indicator lamp will not be able to generate the control circuit, and of course it will not be on. The normally open contact will be left Right closing touch is very much an electrical conductor. Since the green light fire line zero wire is connected to the normally open contact, the green light will certainly be on because of the control circuit.

Normally closed contact and normally open contact are always reversed. If one is broken, the other will close, and one will be closed, and the other will be cut off. Therefore, it can use its auxiliary open and close contacts to complete many functions. It is not only the upper one, but also the self-locking and interlocking of two power supply system power circuits. For example, you pull two groups of routes AB, a is common, group B is reserved. When a is powered off, we can change the application of group B route, but there will be a problem. If you apply group B route, if group a routes dial the phone, and forget to disconnect group A routes, the overlap of group A and group B routes will cause a very serious short circuit. At this time, we can use group A Two AC contactors are used to complete self-locking and interlocking of a and B. when a power supply system is only used, B can not power the system to the cable even if the telephone is dialed. When a is powered off, B fully automatic power supply system, that is, there is only one line power supply system in any case. This problem is given to the group to think about it. Here, remind the group that it is completed by touching the normally closed and normally open contacts of the mouthpiece. The favorite can care about it. Talk to the rest of the group tomorrow.

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