What environment can the ready board be used in?

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Ready boards can be used in a variety of different environments, but the usage environment depends on its type and characteristics. In general, ready boards are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, including industrial, commercial and residential areas. However, the following should be ensured: First, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or chemically aggressive environments that could affect device performance and safety. Secondly, if it is used outdoors, it is necessary to ensure the airtightness of the box to prevent the intrusion of rainwater and dust. In a humid environment, moisture-proof measures need to be considered. In addition, in an explosive environment, an explosion-proof ready board suitable for the environment should be selected. Finally, regardless of the environment of use, relevant safety standards and regulations should be followed to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. To sum up, the use environment of the ready board needs to be selected and configured according to the specific situation.

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