What are the usual functions of high and low voltage distribution cabinets?

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The high and low voltage distribution cabinet is usually connected with high-voltage or low-voltage cables. It is used for power stations, substations and other facilities. It uses high-voltage cabinet, and then depressurizes through the transformer to a low-voltage cabinet, and then to each power distribution box. In fact, it is an electrical equipment that assembles some protective devices such as switch circuit breakers into one. In order to ensure the normal operation of high and low voltage distribution cabinet equipment, daily maintenance of high and low voltage distribution cabinet is required.


Insulation protection shall be done well in different environments. Generally, the working temperature range of high and low voltage distribution cabinet is required to be - 10 ℃ - 45 ℃. If the ambient temperature is high, the conductivity of metal parts will be low, the resistivity will increase, and the oxidation will gradually accelerate, which will also reduce the insulation strength of insulating parts. When the weather is too cold, it will also produce large internal stress on the equipment parts of Shandong distribution cabinet, thus damaging the reliability of insulating parts. Therefore, it is necessary to add some strengthened insulation appliances according to the situation, and take insulation protection measures for the maintenance of high and low voltage distribution cabinet. During the maintenance of high and low voltage distribution cabinet, pay attention to the reasonable internal wiring. The internal wiring of high-voltage and low-voltage distribution cabinet shall be in strict accordance with the electrical safety management regulations, and the wires with good insulation performance shall be used for the operation of Jinan Distribution Box professionals. It is required that the wiring shall be unobstructed without knotting, there shall be no mutual winding between wires, the wires shall be arranged neatly, and reliable grounding work shall be done.

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