What are the requirements for the service environment of "MNS withdrawable switchgear"?

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1. The ambient temperature of MNS withdrawable switchgear shall not be higher than + 40 ° C and not lower than - 5 ° C, and the average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than + 35 ° C.


2. Under atmospheric conditions, the air shall be clean, the relative temperature shall not exceed 50% at a high temperature of + 40 ℃, and a relatively high humidity of hundreds of dimensions is allowed at a high temperature. The special power of long wind power, for example, is 90% at + 20 ° C, but moderate frosting occasionally occurs due to temperature changes.


3. The equipment is suitable for transportation and storage at the following temperatures: - 25 ° C to + 55 ° C. in a short time (no more than 24h), the equipment shall not be damaged irreparably by these extreme temperatures, and shall work normally under normal conditions.


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