What are the factors that affect the sealing performance of explosion-proof distribution box?

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Explosion proof distribution box is mainly used in petrochemical and other dangerous places. In order to prevent the bad environment, it should not only have the function of dust prevention and waterproof, but also have the function of acid and alkali resistance, and the requirement of protection grade is particularly high. What are the factors that affect the sealing performance of explosion-proof distribution box?


(1) The sealing ring of distribution box is a good protection, which plays a very important role in protecting the protection grade of explosion-proof power distribution box. In the process of long-time operation, the continuity of protection level depends on the characteristics of sealing ring;


(2) The sealing ring is fixed in the right position: EPDM material has good protection against most of the widely used chemical substances because of its good chemical corrosion resistance;


(3) The chemical corrosion resistance of the sealing ring varies greatly according to its material, so it is an effective method to make the chemical composition react directly with the sealing ring according to the needs;


(4) The performance of explosion-proof distribution box varies according to the materials of different sealing rings, and the material of sealing ring determines the protection degree of electrical sealing box;


(5) When choosing the sealing ring, we should compare the elasticity of each material component, the influence when contacting with many chemical substances, and the influence when it is cold or hot;


(6) It is important that the explosion-proof distribution box and sealing ring have the same resistance to the same chemical substance to get good results;


  1. Distribution box is a low-level control and protection facility in power system, which is a link to ensure the safe operation of power system. It has a great chance to contact with workers, but because of its large number, wide distribution, and mostly low value products, it is often ignored by the equipment power department, so that many distribution boxes are out of control, resulting in unsafe factors, increasing the risk of personal electric shock and electrical fire. Therefore, we must pay attention to the safe selection and use of distribution box.
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